Top 7 Types of Hair Accessories

Every woman has a variety of hair accessories, regardless of her age, social status, and style. Today, there are many hair accessories that almost every female has at least one. You will find various hair accessories in stores ranging from hairpins to headbands.

Hair accessories come in different sizes and also shapes. Below are the major types of hair accessories;

1. French combs

These are small plastic combs used to secure the hair in one place. They are simple, comfortable, and above all, durable.

2. Scallops clip

They are ideal for long and medium hairs. They help create a neat knot or a loose ponytail to give it a fun look.

3. Metal hairpins

They are usually thin, curved at one end, and open at the other end. Hairpins are simple, with rhinestones, flowers, and other decorative elements.

4. Clips

These are small metal hair clips that give a click when closed. They are worn either by little girls or by women to secure the side strands in the ponytail.

5. Hair sticks

They fix a high or low hairstyle in the form of a knot and are often worn in pairs. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes.

6. Banana clip

This is a hair accessory made with crystals, imitation pearls, zircon, or rhinestones that opens and closes at one end. With its help, original high hairstyles are obtained.

7. Hair ties

These are stylish accessories that will complement your casual and sporty look. They include plastic springs, knitted headbands, soft bagels, etc.

Wrapping up

Making a hairstyle using hair accessories look much more spectacular. Sometimes they just complement the image, and in some cases, they make your hair look amazing. The above are the top hair accessories you can use to achieve that fabulous look on your hair.