The Best Gift Cards

All of us heard about credit crisis that caused last recession in United States, Europe and Canada. Many Canadians are still indebted up to the point where they can barely support monthly interest payments on their credit cards. Prepaid credit card is a good alternative to going into debt.

First of all, its your money that you load to the card and you cannot spend more than amount of the load.

With a prepaid credit card you can enjoy the same convenience as with the regular one: you can shop online, in store or withdraw money through ATM, even shop with your prepaid credit card in other countries.

However, you can get a prepaid credit card even if you do not qualify for a regular one, since there is no credit check.

The balance on the card can be obtained by calling the 1-800 number or via text message; customer support is also available as with regular credit cards.

Another great thing about prepaid credit cards is that they are a better alternative than gift cards.

Because gift cards are sold at pre-set denominations. With prepaid credit card dollar amount depends on how much you want to load on it. Unlike with mall or store gift card you are not tied to particular mall location or store and can even send this card internationally to your friends or relatives as a gift which they can use as cash.

Many prepaid cards also offer different discounts. Mostly, those are discounts on long distance plans. And, you can also personalize your prepaid card with your name on it.