Advice on hair accessories

Hair accessories provide little in the way of functionality compared to say, a set of keys or wallet, but they can go a long way toward changing our overall appearance. Hair is something that most people take for granted; yet, when styled and accessorized with hair accessories, it becomes something else entirely.

Hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes from small barrettes and bobby pins to chic headbands. They are designed to hold one’s hair in place while being decorative at the same time. These two purposes may be contradictory, but many times designers have been able to integrate both functionality and style into an accessory so that it does not seem superfluous. (

The use of hair bows has become a practice throughout popular culture these days. Many women, and even some young girls wear bow-adorned hair clips (hårspenner) to denote their femininity or just simply because it is cute. They may also be used as a subtle hint that an individual’s sexuality might lean toward the feminine side of things, which can attract or repel certain people depending on who they are and where they come from.

Hair accessories serve the purpose of adorning our hairstyles but also don’t forget about those who like to rock a doo rag (a fabric wrapped around one’s head like a bandana) which serves as both protection from harsh elements such as high levels of sun, wind, or rain as well as an article that will allow them to express themselves through bold designs and patterns.

In this day and age, it is no longer necessary to have a master’s degree in fashion design to create a stylish and functional hair accessory(hårbøyler). In fact, many websites offer free tutorials on how to make a variety of accessories that can be used for hair or even worn on wrists or ankles. Sites such as Pinterest are great resources for those who want to get into the DIY movement but don’t know where to start. They provide simple step-by-step instructions with accompanying pictures so that anyone can follow them and end up with something unique and special.